Studio Kura Exhibtion Documentation, saddle-stitch booklet, 148 x 210mm

家の壁には、新しい瞬間が絶えず存在し経験が蓄積されています。本展では滞在住居の未知の歴史を観察し考察していきます。 壁を通ってきらめく、凍ったクレッシェンド」は、私たちの日常生活で起こる目に見えない物語への称賛です。私たちの家の壁に守られた語られていない話は、公にされずに存在しているのです。

Upon arriving in Itoshima I began having recurring dreams of two Japanese children. Curious about this anomaly, I began asking locals about the house I was staying in, whether anyone knew who had lived there previously. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to gather much information. 'Shimmering through the Walls' considers the unknown history of the residence. A tribute to the countless stories that have occured within the walls of the premesis. Events that remain undisclosed but are ingrained in the fabric of the house; weaving a fascinating and mysterious tapestry.


1. I had a dream we were talking with our mouths closed.

2. Not all histories are recorded through languange.

3. A scar is a trauma remembered by the body.

4. One morning I got up and drew the walls.


Wall Drawings 1-24, ink on newsprint, 210 x 297mm